Social Media is today’s “Word of Mouth”. With all the platforms out there (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Tumbler, etc.), this new territory can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming. A huge advantage of social media is standing out in an increasingly noisy marketplace. As of January 2014, “74% of online adults use social networking” and it is growing by the second. Even if your business is not participating, your consumers are and it is time to jump on board. Building your own networks can bring you marketing independence and help you stand out from your competition.  Let me help you achieve all this and more with my various services below. Each service is customized to each individual client. Depending on your needs, services can vary.


Identifying which social media platforms are right for your business; how to speak the language and developing the right content is key to obtaining the biggest return on your social media investment.

A social media consult can provide you with insight, strategies, ideas and resources to elevate your marketing strategy and campaigns. We can work together to define success and set you up on a path to achieve it. Consultations begin with an in person chat to learn more about your brand and overall business goals. After I have all your questions answered, I will send you a recap and comprehensive analysis of our discussion. Topics covered may include:

  • Social Media Strategy + Vision; Goal Setting
  • Identifying the Right Social Media Platforms
  • Best Practices
  • Creating Content and Focusing Your Ideas
  • Strengthening Your Community
  • Working With Brands
  • Recap + Resource Guide


Events can be pricey and time consuming – so why not get the biggest bang for your buck? Social media is now one of the most effective tools used to spread the word about events and your business; interact with guests; collect feedback; and create year-round engagement with your target audience. Let’s explore strategies, tools, and tips by adding a social media layer to your already incredible event. Services provided may include:

  • Event Brainstorm + Idea Generation
  • An Event Social Media Plan
  • Onsite Social Media Integration
  • Recap + Analytics
  • Live Event Coverage


Focus on running your business while I focus on building your audience. Whether starting from scratch or enhancing your existing networks, building and managing social media communities are time consuming. I will take over your social media accounts to promote your products/services, build your brand, reach new communities, increase web traffic, monitor conversations and solicit feedback. Services provided may include:

  • Social Media Account + Profile Set Up
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Social Media Monitoring + Responding
  • A Customized “Who to Follow” List
  • Enhance Network
  • Photography
  • Blogging


Collaborating with other brands and key influencers is one of the quickest and most effective ways to strengthen your presence locally and reach new audiences in the market place. But knowing what brands to collaborate with and how is like speaking another language. Let me help you identify brands; brainstorm mutual beneficial collaborations and create long-term relationships! Services provided may include:

  • Customized PR Pitches
  • Brainstorm + Idea Generation
  • Introduction to Key Influencers, Brands + Networks